We’ve seen how drones can be used in the military where they can be used for surveillance purposes or even attacks. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we’ve also seen how small drones can get, which makes bringing them around a pretty easy thing to do, and Russia is hoping to leverage that for its military.

Speaking to Izvestia, the Russian Defense Ministry has revealed their plans to outfit their soldiers with drones that have the ability to carry bombs. The Ministry confirmed that these “miniature bombs” are in development and seem to be in response to experiences over in Syria, where ISIS forces attacked a Russian base by using commercial drones that were modified to carry explosives.

When exactly these drones are expected to be deployed remains to be seen, but it is proving to be an interesting development. As some have pointed out, the effectiveness of such drones has yet to be proven. This is because it wouldn’t be too hard for decent shooters to take them down before they reach their target, and there is also anti-drone systems that would make it harder.

However, we can’t ignore the potential that these drones could be small enough where they could be easily deployed by multiple soldiers at once.

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