The resources in our world are not infinite and as such, there will come a day when we run out of some of them, especially if we insist on using resources such as coal to power our power plants. This is why many are starting to look at more sustainable solutions, such as solar, hydro, or wind.


In fact, Scotland seems to be a prime example of how efficient wind energy is because according to reports, Scotland’s wind turbines have actually managed to generate enough energy where it is capable of powering its homes twice over. This is according to WWF Scotland who revealed that the wind turbines in the country generated a staggering 9,831,320 megawatt hours.

According to Robin Parker, climate and energy policy manager at WWF Scotland, “Up and down the country, we are all benefiting from cleaner energy and so is the climate. “These figures show harnessing Scotland’s plentiful onshore wind potential can provide clean, green electricity for millions of homes across not only Scotland, but England as well.”

The government is hoping that by 2030, their wind turbines will be able to make up for half of their energy consumptions, with a goal to ultimately “almost completely” decarbonize their energy system by 2050.

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