There have been studies suggesting that sitting down all day in front of a computer is not conducive to good health. It turns out that the same could be said about our smartphones, at least according to researchers who analyzed students at the Health Sciences Faculty at the Simon Bolivar University.


According to the study’s lead author Mirary Mantilla-Morron who presented their findings at the ACC Latin America conference, “It is important that the general population know and be aware that, although mobile technology is undoubtedly attractive for its multiple purposes, portability, comfort, access to countless services, information and entertainment sources, it should also be used to improve habits and healthy behaviors.”

The study found that students who used their smartphones more than five hours a day had a 43% increased chance of obesity and who were also more likely to have other lifestyle habits that might contribute to heart disease. This is apparently due to how those who spent too much time on their phones were more likely to drink sugary drinks, eat fast food, sweets, and snacks.

Mantilla-Morron adds, “Spending too much time in front of the Smartphone facilitates sedentary behaviours, reduces the time of physical activity, which increases the risk of premature death, diabetes, heart disease, different types of cancer, osteoarticular discomfort and musculoskeletal symptoms.”

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