Spotify Lite first emerged on the scene a year ago. As the name suggests, the app is meant for older devices and for users in places where the internet connection might not be too exceptional. The storage and data-friendly app is now being expanded to more countries across the globe, 36 to be precise.


The iteration of the Spotify Lite app weighed just 15MB, however, many of the service’s features had been stripped away for a rather barebones experience. Since then, Spotify has greatly improved the Lite version of its app and is now expanding it to 36 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Spotify Lite has been designed to be used on devices with slower internet connections and outdated specifications. The app only requires a limited amount of resources but is more than capable of providing users with their music streaming fix.

The app allows users to set a data usage limit and will warn them when they’re about to reach it. There’s also an option to control local storage cache so that the app doesn’t end up using too much space on the device. Spotify Premium users will even be able to search for and play any song just as they would using the main app. Free users can access playlists and browse public playlists as well. Songs can be downloaded to for offline listening too.

Spotify Lite is compatible with devices running Android 4.3 and higher so it’s even good for handsets that are several years old by this point in time.

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