Logging into your computer using a password has been the standard method of logging in for the past couple of decades. However, Microsoft envisions a future without passwords and they are looking to make that future a reality in an upcoming Windows 10 update.


According to Microsoft, a future update to Windows 10 will give users the option to log into their computers using a password. Instead, Microsoft will give customers alternative login options, such as using facial recognition, biometric security, or a PIN code (which in a way feels like a password).

While the password has been around for a while now, they can be clunky and if you pick particularly complex passwords, it can be hard to memorize. People also tend to keep reusing their favorite passwords, which means that if a hacker figured out your password, they could also use it to access your other accounts.

This is why we’re seeing biometric security pick up in popularity in our mobile devices. Even Apple’s MacBook laptops are also switching to biometric by including Touch ID into their computers. That being said, this new password-less feature is only available to a small number of Windows Insider participants. Microsoft expects that it will roll out to more users in the future, so keep an eye out for it if you’re part of the Insider program.

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