When you get a new credit card, you almost never get instructions on how to take care of its physical appearance, but Apple decided to offer up some advice on how to care for your Apple Card’s looks, such as warning not to keep it in leather. We understand why because in a recent photo shared on Twitter, it showed how much wear the Apple Card showed after one month.

If you are planning on getting the Apple Card and would like to keep it as pristine as possible, you might be interested in learning that Dbrand has announced that they will be offering Apple Card protective skins. In case you’re unfamiliar, Dbrand is a company that specializes in creating skins for smartphones, tablets, consoles, and laptops.

According to the company, “We measured the Apple Card down to the thousandth of a millimeter to ensure our Apple Card wraps will fit flawlessly. We measured the front and back, just in case they were different somehow. We even measured the embossed Apple logo so that we could sell Apple Card skins with logo cutouts — otherwise nobody will know you’ve got an Apple Card. That would defeat the entire purpose of the card, right?”

The skins are priced at $5 for the front and $5 for the back which is actually rather decent. Sure, it’ll cover up that beautiful titanium finish, but if you’d rather not have it scuffed, this could be worth checking out.

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