Back in the day,  AT&T and T-Mobile used to be quite close with each other, to the point where some of you might recall, both carriers almost merged with each other. While that merger is no longer on the table, it seems that both companies will be working with each other once again to combat against the rise of robocalls.

For those who are unfamiliar, robocalls are phone calls made by robots/machines that dial random numbers in a bid to sell services (fake or legit). It can be very annoying and a waste of time answering these days, which is why organizations such as the FCC have taken steps to fight against it. Now both AT&T and T-Mobile will be working together using the SHAKEN/STIR standards to authenticate calls across their networks.

This means that if you’re an AT&T customer receiving a call from a T-Mobile or MetroPCS number, if it is a legit call it will show as “Caller Verified”, and vice versa. However, we should note that not all phones will support this technology. As it stands, it is supported by a bunch of Samsung and LG devices, but Apple’s iPhones have yet to support it, so that’s something to take into consideration.

As we said, the FCC has taken steps to fight against robocalls where they recently announced that carriers can now block robocalls by default.

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