These days more of our home appliances and gadgets are becoming smarter. This includes smart lights, smart blinds, smart microwaves, smart locks, and so on. If you’re looking for that icing on the cake to complete your smart home, then you might want to check out Belkin’s latest offering in the form of the Phyn Smart Water Assistant.

If you’re wondering why does this gadget sound so familiar, it is because the Phyn Smart Water Assistant is actually the cheaper version of Belkin’s Phyn Plus system that was launched last year. The advantage of this new version is that it does not require a plumber to come and do the installation, meaning that you could install it yourself and save some money on plumbing services.

It will more or less do what the Phyn Plus can, where it will be able to monitor water pressure in your pipes and let you know if there is a leak or if some pipes might be frozen. According to Belkin, the Phyn Smart Water Assistant will also be smart enough where over time, it will be able to adapt and learn the unique “voice” of each fixture in your home.

The downside is that it does not come with the ability to shut off your water should it detect a problem. Instead, users are sent a notification informing them of the issue and they will need to manually address it themselves. However, it is priced at $299 which is considerably cheaper than the Phyn Plus’ price tag of $850. It will also be compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT and will be launching late September. There are plans to eventually support Apple’s HomeKit, but it will be coming at an unspecified later date and won’t be available at launch.

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