The idea of implanting technology into our bodies isn’t exactly new. However, it seems that one particular biohacker by the name of Amie DD has gone one step further by implanting an RFID chip into her arm, which in turn could be used by her to unlock the door to her Tesla Model 3 vehicle.


According to Amie DD, she already had an RFID implanted into her arm and she thought that she could simply transfer the information from her Tesla to her existing chip. However, due to Tesla’s security feature, it prevented her from doing that. So what she did was she took her existing Tesla keycard, melted it down, took the RFID chip from there and implanted it into herself.

It is an interesting “hack” and if you’re interested in checking it out, you can check out the video above which shows her getting the chip, taking it to a body modification studio to have it implanted properly into her. The concept of implanting RFIDs aren’t new, and we already do that with our pets.

We’ve also heard about how there are some companies overseas whose employees have willingly installed RFID chips in themselves, so this isn’t quite as shocking as we might think.

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