When the Nintendo Switch launched, it didn’t take long for EA to throw their support behind the console where FIFA was one of the first EA titles that launched for the Switch. However, the company has remained cautious about the Switch and stated in the past that they would only consider bringing more games to the Switch if FIFA did well.


The company went as far as holding off on development on the Switch, and now it looks like they seem to think that they made a bad decision. During a recent investor’s call, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson hinted that EA’s games might not necessarily be a good fit for the Switch.

According to Wilson, “We have a lot of data that would suggest a great many Switch owners also own a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One or a PC and very often choose to play the games that we make on those platforms, even though they have a Switch and they enjoy a lot of great content on the Switch.”

This does not mean that EA will be abandoning the Nintendo Switch just yet, but if you were hoping to see more EA games brought over to the console, you might want to temper your expectations as it seems like we probably won’t be able to expect that for the foreseeable future.

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