Technology sometimes has some surprising uses, where sometimes it works in ways you might not have expected. Take for example over in China, it seems that a face detection system used by a loan app has helped police track down a murder suspect, in which it ultimately led to him being arrested.

According to a report from the South China Morning Post, a 29-year old man was suspected of having killed his girlfriend over some money issues. After killing her, he then tried to use her identity to apply for a loan through an app called Money Station. However, the app required users to scan their faces and to blink during the approval process, but since she was dead, obviously that wasn’t going to happen. It also detected that it was not a woman’s voice but a man’s voice.

Following the failed verification, workers at the company then manually checked the fail verification and found that the woman was bruised with red markings around her neck, following which they alerted the authorities who managed to track the suspect down. The man has since been arrested where he was found to have stolen $4,200 from the victim’s account.

He was also found to have used her phone to tell her parents and employer that she was taking a trip and needed some time off.

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