Apple’s Face ID system has been touted by the company as being one of the most secure ways of logging into your phone. This is because unlike fingerprints, which can be replicated or 3D printed, Face ID cannot be fooled by conventional trickery such as wearing a mask or using a photograph.

However, despite how strong Face ID appears to be, it is not invulnerable. In a report from Threatpost, it seems that researchers from Tencent have managed to come up with what seems to be a possible way to bypass Face ID, and this can be done by using a pair of glasses and a tape.

This method involves tricking the system’s “liveness detection”, which is what Face ID uses to determine that the face is being scanned is an actual face and not a mask or a photograph. By taping black tape onto a pair of glasses and placing it on the owner’s face while they are sleeping or unconscious, they managed to unlock the victim’s iPhone and send money to themselves through a mobile payment app.

The good news is that this method does seem a bit elaborate and the hacker would need access to the victim, their phone, and hope that they are asleep, meaning that there is a small chance it could happen to you. However, it is still a flaw and hopefully it’s something that Apple will pay attention to and address in the future.

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