Apple’s official accessories are pretty expensive and that is a reason why many users opt to use cheaper and unofficial accessories that cost a fraction of the price. However, potential safety and compatibility issues aside, there is a good reason to avoid using these unofficial accessories.

One of those reasons, as detailed in a report from Motherboard, is that how there are some cables out there that can actually allow a hacker to breach your computer remotely. The report details how a security reacher calling themselves MG developed a fake Lightning cable which when plugged in, allows hackers to gain access to your computer remotely.

To make matters worse, the Lightning cable that MG developed is actually an authentic Lightning cable purchased from Apple, which has then been modified further to allow components to be implanted. It also comes with a script and commands that will allow a hacker to run malicious programs on the victim’s computer.

It is unclear as to whether or not there is any defense against such an attack, but it does highlight a concern about how even supposedly genuine parts could be a potential vehicle of attack. We also imagine that this could technically be replicated on any Lightning cable, genuine or not, making it even harder to spot.

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