There are some of us who might remember growing up and watching cartoon series like He-Man. If you have enjoyed the series and wouldn’t mind seeing a modern revival, you’re in luck because director Kevin Smith is reported to be working with Netflix in developing an anime series based on He-Man.


Dubbed Masters of the Universe: Revelation, this will be different from the previous approach Netflix took with She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which was a reboot of the original series. In this case, Revelation will actually be a continuation of where the original animated show left off, so if you can remember how the show ended, then this will pick up where it ended.

The series will be a limited run series which means that we probably shouldn’t expect it to run for many seasons, but it should provide some kind of closure to those who remember it from the good old days. This is because the series will feature unresolved storylines from the original 80s cartoon, where Smith has hinted that it could actually feature the final battle between He-Man and his nemesis, Skeletor.

There is no word on when the series is expected to make its debut, but if you’re a big He-Man fan growing up, this could be worth keeping an eye out for.

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