In the coming weeks, #IFA2019 will be upon us. While CES 2019 is one of the biggest events of the year, IFA is actually not too far behind and if you’re looking forward to seeing what companies have to offer in terms of new gadgets, inventions, and so on, this could be an event to keep an eye out for.

We would like to thank our IFA 2019 main sponsor, Lenovo. As their presence at IFA continues to be strong, keep an eye for new product announcements at @Lenovo and Lenovo Tech Life 2019.

Lenovo has recently created some buzz with high-end laptops such as the powerful ThinkPad P1 and ThinkPad P73 workstations, but also in the ultra-mobility segment with the Project Limitless always-connected 5G laptop. Home appliance products keep coming, including the Lenovo Smart Clock, which we reviewed.

IFA will also be the last major international electronics show for the year, so there are plenty of products to be excited for that we can also look forward to in 2020, so here’s some of what we can expect at the upcoming event which will be taking place from the 6th-12th of September.


Acer has confirmed their plans for a press conference at IFA 2019. It will actually be one of the first press conferences of the show as it will be held on the 4th of September, a couple of days before the show officially kicks off. Nothing has been announced, but based on previous years, expect to see new laptops from the company and maybe even some Chromebooks.


ASUS is also expected to make an appearance at the event and once again, there is no confirmation of the company’s plans. However, with ASUS making both smartphones and laptops, we imagine that we can look forward to new phones and computers. We might also be able to expect some ASUS ROG gaming-related products, like displays.


Dell has actually made some product announcements ahead of IFA just last week, where the company unveiled a new XPS 13 laptop. We’re not sure if the company has plans to unveil more computers at IFA 2019, but we wouldn’t be surprised. The company’s lineup does consist of more than just the XPS series of laptops and there are also the Alienware gaming laptops to consider, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for it.


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If you’re looking to check out new wearables, there are reports that suggest that Fitbit could be attending IFA 2019. If they do, we can probably look forward to a couple of new fitness trackers and maybe even a new smartwatch.


Speaking of wearables, Garmin was at IFA last year where they unveiled new smartwatches, so expect them to be back this year with new models. Garmin’s smartwatches tend to be a bit different compared to what other companies have launched, and are usually aimed at more outdoorsy users, so if that’s you, then Garmin might have something for you this year.

Huawei / Honor

Huawei is largely expected to launch a new flagship smartphone in the second half of the year in the form of the Huawei Mate 30 series. However, we imagine that the company will most likely want to host its own event, which means that Huawei’s presence at IFA will most likely be non-related to mobile. Instead, we might learn more about Huawei’s smart glasses which they collaborated with Gentle Monster earlier this year. On Honor’s end, we could expect to see some smartphones, or


Lenovo will be at IFA 2019 and based on the company’s previous IFA appearances, we can look forward to seeing a bunch of new laptops from them. The company had previously used IFA as a platform to refresh its Yoga Book series of laptops, so there is a good chance that this could happen again this year. We can also probably expect to see some new Chromebooks from the company too.


LG will be attending the event and we expect that there will be a new phone announcement from the company. While the company typically launches one phone at the start of the year and another in the second half, this year saw LG launch two phones at the start of the year. However, we have heard some rumblings that another LG smartphone could be in the works which we expect will debut at IFA 2019.

In addition, LG also makes a bunch of other products so there is a good chance that we can look forward to seeing new home appliances like fridges and washing machines from the company, as well as new TVs and display technology.


For long-time fans of Nokia, HMD Global has confirmed that they will be attending the electronics conference. This probably means that we can look forward to seeing new Nokia-branded smartphones launch. There have been leaks of the Nokia 7.2 so there is a good chance that the phone could be making its appearance then.


Panasonic usually makes an appearance at IFA 2019 and if you’re shopping about for a new TV, then we can probably expect the company to make some kind of display-related announcement at the event.


Samsung’s flagship phones for 2019 have all been launched, so in terms of mobile, we expect there will be very little on that front, maybe a new tablet or two. However, similar to LG, Samsung does dabble in other product categories such as home appliances and TVs, so we can look forward to that as well. The company also makes computers so maybe we could see a couple of new laptops from Samsung as well.


While Sony’s presence in the smartphone market is no longer what it once was, the company is still working on new phones which could debut at the upcoming event. However, even if they don’t, the company also makes a bunch of other products such as headphones, cameras, and TVs, so if it isn’t a phone, we can most likely expect something along those lines.

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