Back in 2018, Blizzard launched their first game for the Nintendo Switch in the form of Diablo 3. This has opened up the door to the future possibility that more Blizzard games could arrive for the Switch. There have been talks in the past about Overwatch possibly coming to the Switch, where Blizzard acknowledged that it would be feasible.

The good news is that it looks like we could be getting closer to that becoming a reality. This is because according to reports, an officially-licensed Overwatch case was spotted on Amazon, where it based on the listing, it says that it is officially licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment.

Now, the listing has since been taken down suggesting that maybe it went up earlier than expected. As to what this means, had there been an officially-licensed Diablo 3 case, it would make sense. However, since Overwatch doesn’t exist for the Switch (yet), it doesn’t make sense for there to be an officially-licensed case, right?

Neither Blizzard nor Nintendo have officially confirmed or announced anything yet, so maybe don’t get your hopes up for now, but with the case apparently being listed for a September 15th release, hopefully we’ll have more information soon.

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