These days technology has opened up all kinds of doors when it comes to a career. No longer are people limited to more traditional jobs, and where one could do jobs on the internet that could potentially make them millions. PewDiePie is a name that many are familiar with, and rightfully so.

After all, according to YouTube, PewDiePie has managed to hit a whopping 100 million subscribers. This makes the YouTuber the first individual YouTuber to reach that milestone. We should point out that distinction because if you recall, there was a bit of a “fight” between PewDiePie’s subscribers and YouTube channel T-Series.

In case you’re unfamiliar, T-Series is a YouTube channel that specializes in Indian music. It currently plays home to 109 million subscribers which is obviously more than PewDIePie, but as far as individual YouTubers are concerned, PewDiePie is the first to achieve 100 million subscribers.

YouTube has since put together a short congratulatory video which shows PewDiePie’s career progression over the years, ever since he uploaded his first ever YouTube video back in 2010. That being said, despite hitting 100 million subscribers, PewDiePie is only #9 on Forbes’ highest-paid YouTubers where it was estimated that he earned $15.5 million in 2018. The #1 position goes to a 7-year old who reviews toys who earned $22 million in 2018.

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