Usually when we think of solar panels, we think of their positive uses and benefits on how they can potentially help save the environment by reducing our need for more traditional forms of energy. However, as with all electronics, they can sometimes fail, or in the case of Amazon, it appears that their use of Tesla’s solar panels at one of their warehouses has resulted in it catching on fire.

Now, we should point out that this actually took place back in June of 2018, but according to the report from Bloomberg, Amazon has only recently stepped forward with the information, although we’re not sure if this was done in support of Walmart, who also recently encountered similar fires at seven of their retail stores which also used Tesla’s solar panels.

According to Walmart, they claim that during the installation process, the system was not grounded properly and that the inspectors sent “lacked basic solar training and knowledge”. Amazon has also since claimed that they will no longer be installing Tesla’s solar panels moving forwards.

As for Walmart, they have since sued Tesla over the incident, although Tesla has responded to the lawsuit claiming that they are in discussions to resolve the issue.

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