Modern cars these days usually feature a keyless system, where as long as you have the key fob on your person and you’re near your car, the car can be unlocked and started. This is no doubt a more convenient system compared to fumbling for your keys, but in turn, it has created some problems as well.

Over in the UK, it appears that such a system has been tricked by a couple of thieves where they have managed to trick a Tesla into unlocking itself, thus giving them the opportunity to steal the vehicle. The worst part is that all of this was done in about 30 seconds, meaning that your car could be stolen before you even turn around.

However, the semi-good news is that it can’t be done anywhere. Based on the report, it seems that this relies on amplifying the signals that the key fob is giving off. In the video, it shows how one of the thieves holding up a relay system to amplify the signal, which in turn tricks the car into thinking that the key is near and allowing it to be unlocked and having its engine started.

It is unclear as to how Tesla or other car makers plan on addressing this potential problem, but the company has declined to comment on the video.

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