Like the majority of food delivery apps, the Domino’s Pizza app comes with the ability for customers to leave a note. This means that users can leave messages to note food allergies, extra napkins, delivery instructions, and so on. However, it seems that someone decided to use the app that resulted in a home getting swatted.

For those unfamiliar, swatting is basically where someone calls the police and claims that there is a hostage situation at an address. Since police have no way of verifying if these calls are real, they have no choice but to assume that it is, and typically they show up in full tactical gear, guns drawn.

According to the FBI, “Swatting is the making of a hoax call to any emergency service to elicit an emergency response based on the false report of an ongoing critical incident. Incidents typically produce the deployment of SWAT units, bomb squads, and other police units, as well as the evacuations of schools, businesses and residences.”

Thankfully in this particular case, no one was hurt. The people living in the house were said to have been escorted out and interviewed, but none of them seemed to know what was going on. The police are now investigating the incident and believe that this could be a case of swatting. In the past, there have been some incidents of swatting in which people have either died or been injured.

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