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Somebody Used The Domino’s Pizza App To SWAT A Home
Like the majority of food delivery apps, the Domino’s Pizza app comes with the ability for customers to leave a note. This means that users can leave messages to note food allergies, extra napkins, delivery instructions, and so on. However, it seems that someone decided to use the app that resulted in a home getting swatted.

Domino's Pizza Delivery Will Soon Be Trackable With GPS
Domino’s has a habit of leveraging technology to improve its service for customers. This is why the company has worked on everything from pizza delivery robots to self-driving cars and cashless stores. Domino’s is now launching GPS tracking for deliveries so that customers can see precisely where their pizza is. It’s like keeping an eye on your Uber, only, in this case, it’s going to be your dinner.

Domino's Is Trying Out Cashless Stores And Deliveries
Always one to use technology to make services for customers easier, Domino’s has now announced that it’s trying out cashless stores and delivers. Customers will be able to pay with several different payment methods other than cash, such as credit/debit cards, contactless services like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, and Instagift cards. They’ll be able to use these payment methods for both in-store purchases and deliveries.

Domino's Will Now Deliver Your Pizza Via Self-Driving Robots In Houston
Domino’s is no stranger to adopting the latest in technology to get your pizza to you even quicker. It’s trying out some new tech for those who are based in Houston, Texas. Customers in Houston will soon be able to get their Domino’s pizza delivered to them in a self-driving robot. Domino’s has entered into a partnership with robotics delivery startup Nuro for this purpose.


Domino’s Turns To Tech To Improve On Your Pizza
How often have we looked at a menu to place our order, only to be disappointed when the order looks nothing like the photos? We’re sure this has happened to many of us over the years, and to be fair, most of the time menu photos are designed to look better, but that’s the kind of discrepancy that Domino’s is hoping to avoid.

You Can Now Order A Domino’s Pizza Directly From Slack
With Domino’s largely relying on delivering their pizza to customers, as opposed to offering a dine-in experience, getting as many pizzas as possible into the hands (and mouths) of their customers is key. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to see Domino’s embrace all kinds of hi-tech ways of getting pizza to their customers.

Domino’s To Use Robots To Deliver Pizza In Europe
If you are living in Europe, or to be more specific Germany or the Netherlands, don’t be surprised if your pizza orders from Domino’s are delivered by robots. This is because the company has recently announced that they will begin using robots to make pizza deliveries in those two countries.

Domino's Japan Will Rely On Reindeer To Deliver Pizza This Christmas
Domino’s has shown that it’s a pizza chain that’s not afraid to embrace modern technology and unorthodox methods to deliver you a pie. The company recently started testing drone deliveries in New Zealand and now it’s planning to do something completely out of the ordinary in Japan. Domino’s is actually training reindeer to deliver pizza in Japan this Christmas.

Domino’s In New Zealand Begin Testing Pizza Delivery By Drones
The problem with more traditional methods of delivery is that there are issues like traffic, which means that a pizza delivery meant to take 30 minutes or less could end up taking a longer time. So what can one do? How about turning to drones, perhaps? If you do believe that drones are the way of the future, New Zealand is where you’ll want to be.

Domino's Allows Customers To Order Pizza Via Facebook Messenger
Domino’s has embraced modern technology with open arms to provide its customers with a variety of ways to order pizzas. The company is now embracing bots on Facebook Messenger as it has enabled customers to order a pizza via Messenger. Domino’s Facebook Messenger bot allows for “conversational” ordering, which means that the bot is going to respond to your queries as it takes your order.

Domino's Will No Longer Give Free Pizzas On T-Mobile Tuesdays
T-Mobile’s recent uncarrier event was all about thanking its customers and one of the initiatives it announced was T-Mobile Tuesdays. It’s a new app through which the carrier’s customers get free stuff every Tuesday with no strings attached, free stuff included a pie from Domino’s, but the pizza chain was so overwhelmed by orders this past Tuesday that it has decided to suspend its participation in the T-Mobile Tuesday promotion […]

Domino’s In Australia Will Now Start To Track Customers
Domino’s has long allowed customers to track their pizza delivery so that they know where their pizzas are and at what stage they are at, like the preparing stage, making stage, packing stage, and so on. However over in Australia, Domino’s will be trying something different and turning the tables on their customers by tracking them instead.

Samsung Hopes Pizza Will Sway Android Users
Assuming you happen to be in possession of a smartphone from Samsung, and have yet to make the move to install the most recent security update. What are you to do, then? Well, Samsung has a bright idea – by tempting you with free pizza. For instance, a Reddit user claimed to have received a digital coupon for a 20% discount off Domino’s Pizza on his Samsung Galaxy J7 in […]

Domino’s Zero Click Makes Ordering Pizza A Cinch
Domino’s has certainly done their bit to make sure that ordering a pizza is as easy and convenient for you as possible through various devices and platforms. In fact, they have their own pizza delivery vehicles, not to mention explored the possibility of having a robot drop off your piping hot pizza in front of your doorstep. Well, this time around, Domino’s makes everything even easier with its “Zero Click” […]