Back in the day when video games were released, especially if it was a Japanese video game, there was the question of whether or not there would be a localized version released as well. While Japanese-only games still exist, globalization has meant that developers are now releasing games in multiple languages at the same time.

However, if you’d like to revisit some of those old games, you’re in luck. This is because thanks to the developers at RetroArch, an emulator for old classic console games, they have decided to employ the use of AI which will be used to help automatically translate Japanese video games into English for users.

Putting aside the legality of whether or not using an emulator is wrong and is considered piracy, this is actually quite a useful tool. However, we should point out that this translation is more or less on par with what you might expect from translation services such as Google, where sometimes it might miss the context of the sentence and give you odd translations.

That being said, we imagine that it should still be good enough to give you an idea of what’s going on. If you’re curious about the service and wouldn’t mind getting it setup for yourself, head on over to LibRetro’s website for the details.

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