Cookies are useful when you browse the web as it helps to remember some of your activities and whatnot. However, the use of cookies have evolved over the years where back in the day, it was simply used to remember who you were, but now cookies are being used to track you across multiple websites as you use the internet.

This is done to gather information about who you are, what are your browsing habits, and so on. The good news is that if you want a greater degree of privacy, Firefox could be the browser for you. Mozilla has announced the release of the Firefox 69 update in which one of the changes is that the browser will now block third-party tracking cookies by default.

According to Mozilla, “Enhanced Tracking Protection works behind-the-scenes to keep a company from forming a profile of you based on their tracking of your browsing behavior across websites — often without your knowledge or consent. Those profiles and the information they contain may then be sold and used for purposes you never knew or intended. Enhanced Tracking Protection helps to mitigate this threat and puts you back in control of your online experience.”

In addition to blocking tracking cookies, the update will also block cryptominers. This means that malicious websites that intend to hijack your computer’s CPU to mine for cryptocurrency will be blocked. If you’re interested in these features, then head on over to Mozilla’s website to get your hands on the latest version of Firefox.

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