For a while now, iOS has allowed users to install third-party keyboards in case the default iOS keyboard wasn’t good enough or functional enough for users. For the most part, these are just keyboards, but there are some that require a bit more permission than others. Users have always been able to choose whether or not to grant those permissions, but now a bug in iOS 13 has taken that option away from users.


In a report from TechCrunch, it has been discovered that there is a bug in iOS 13 that is granting third-party keyboards full access even if you haven’t granted it. This is based on a support document posted on Apple’s website where the company has acknowledged the issue and stated that an upcoming patch will fix it.

According to Apple, “Third-party keyboard extensions in iOS can be designed to run entirely standalone, without access to external services, or they can request “full access” to provide additional features through network access. Apple has discovered a bug in iOS 13 and iPadOS that can result in keyboard extensions being granted full access even if you haven’t approved this access.”

As we said, for the most part keyboard apps are pretty simple and that this bug will affect apps like Gboard or SwiftKey the most due to their expanded functionality. If you’re uncomfortable with this, you can check out our guide here on how to manage your third-party keyboards on iOS.

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