For the most part, a lot of shows are released on a weekly basis. This means that if you wanted to watch the next episode, you’d have to wait until next week to do so. However, Netflix kind of changed that when they released all episodes for the season at once, allowing users to binge watch shows until it was completed.


However, it seems that the days of binge watching your favorite Netflix shows could be coming to an end. This is according to a report from who has discovered one of Netflix’s shows, The Great British Baking Show, will be the first Netflix show to release its episodes on a weekly basis.

We’re not sure if this only applies to this particular show, maybe because Netflix wants to build up suspense and have people talk about it for weeks and months, or if it is part of Netflix’s bigger plan to eventually switch to a weekly release. We should point out that Disney+ will also be releasing shows on a weekly basis, so if Netflix were to make that switch, they would not be alone.

In a way it’s not a bad idea as it keeps customers subscribed longer, although we’re sure that there will be many who will miss being able to binge watch their favorite Netflix shows.

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