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OnePlus TV is one of the most anticipated products with the leaks and rumors making rounds. While we are just a day away from its official launch, in a tweet, the founder of OnePlus teased how the TV will look in its full glory (as shown in the image above).


Even though the picture looks great – there is one important thing to notice here though. The user interface of the TV (or the main menu) looks different than an Android TV would look like.

So, it looks like OnePlus has done something about the user interface.

It is also worth noting, OnePlus cannot make changes to the core design of Google’s platform. Hence, it clearly suggests something similar to an Android launcher implemented.

The new UI basically sits within an app which can be accessed from the OnePlus TV.

The product is primarily targeted at the Indian consumers at launch – so we can spot some Indian-centric content tailored for users in India.

We shall be looking forward to the OnePlus TV launch because it is surely going to have a lot of surprises just like the ability to reduce the volume automatically when you get a call on your TV.

There have been multiple leaks about the specifications – but with the launch event being held tomorrow, the expected or rumored specification list may not help at all (at least, not now).

There is little-to-none official information on the specs of OnePlus TV, however, it is believed to come with 8 speakers and a carefully crafted design. We will make sure to give an update when it launches.

What do you think about it? Will you consider getting a OnePlus TV?

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