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We recently covered the buzz with Tesla’s Model S setting a new track record in California. And, it has been almost a week now – a witness says that Tesla ‘Plaid’ Model S crushed the timings of Porsche Taycan at Nürburgring (one of the most challenging racing tracks in Germany). The lap time by Tesla ‘Plaid’ Model S is believed to be 7:23 minutes.

The Tesla ‘Plaid’ Model S is not in production and it is still in the testing phase. It will most likely launch next year.

We knew something was coming when Elon Musk mentioned that the new Tesla Model S vehicles are already present for the Nürburgring test. But, maybe, it was not expected to happen this quick.

This definitely puts other electric car manufacturers on their toes to compete in the EV market – which is the next big thing. Also, we will have to see if they come up with the same idea of competing for the lap timings at Nürburgring. Only time will tell.

However, you should take this with a pinch of salt because this report is coming from a witness present at the racetrack – so it is not official yet and should not be considered otherwise. The witness is reportedly an observer for a German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport who claims to know about this in details as he was present while they were testing it.

If this is going to be official in the coming days, Porsche Taycan’s 7:42 minutes lap record will be finally disputed.

The fact that a non-production vehicle has achieved this (reportedly) is impressive. Of course, the common consumers do not have to worry about the lap timings, but if you are someone who looks forward to a fast car, we suggest you keep an eye on Tesla.

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