If you are planning on updating your Windows 10 computer to the latest version that is available, you might want to consider holding off just a bit. This is because according to a smattering of user reports, it appears that for whatever reason, there are some users who are claiming that following the update, their screens are turning orange.


According to one user, “When I start Windows, the login screen looks good, but when I put my credentials and the desktop is shown, it gradually starts turning red. The only element that remains with the correct colour is the mouse pointer.” Eventually users will end up with a screen with an orange tint, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Note that this doesn’t mean that the update has damaged your monitor. Instead, it seems that it could be that the update might have caused some havoc on older video card drivers. There are some users who are reporting that once they have updated their drivers, the issues goes away. Alternatively, there are some who are uninstalling the latest Windows update to resolve the issue.

This isn’t the only bug plaguing the KB4512941 update. Previously, it was reported that following the update, for some reason, Cortana started hogging up a lot of computer resources. Hopefully Microsoft is aware of these issues and are working on a fix for it.

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