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Quite frankly, Google is not a privacy-friendly option. To personalize your experience, it requires to collect a lot of data from your usage and access. No matter whether it comes down Android or any Google service in particular – there will be some data collect, always.

Now that everyone realizes the fact, a lot of users did request Google the ability to delete the activities performed on Google services.

Yes, you already had the option to review the data or history and delete it. However, that was not a convenient option for users who did not want to share any personal data from some of their activities.

In other words, you had to manually sign in to view your activity, review it, and delete the search history or preferences from the account management option.

However, with the recent announcement on enhancing privacy and security, there will be some new additions (being rolled out) which will let you hide your personal activity easily.

The first one – Google is adding an incognito mode to Google Maps. We did cover about the private mode on maps being planned for a roll-out – now it is finally available.

Second, the ability to auto-delete YouTube history is interesting. You can even set the time period to keep your data (3 months or 18 months) until it is automatically deleted.

In addition to this, you can also delete your assistant activity and be able to utilize the digital assistant to review your data and security in a better way. There’s also a new password checkup tool to see if you have been compromised.

So, the new features seem promising. What’s your take?

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