In this day and age despite the number of security breaches we’ve heard and seen about, people are still choosing to use basic passwords like “123456” or “abc123” or in some cases, even “password”. This has resulted in many an account being compromised, but Google wants to help you with that.

The company has recently announced a new password tool called Password Checkup. As the name suggests, this is a new feature that will be built into their password manager that will check against a database that lets you know if your password has been compromised. This is because due to the number of breaches, you might not know if your account has been compromised until it is too late.

In addition to being able to check if your password has been compromised, the Password Checkup tool also lets you know if your passwords are being reused across multiple sites, or if your password is too weak and can be easily guessed, giving you a chance to strengthen it. The Password Checkup tool was original a Chrome extension but according to Google, they will be integrating it directly into Chrome later this year.

In the meantime, if you’d like to generate strong passwords to help better secure your accounts, you might want to check out our guide on how to use a password manager.

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