Last week, it was discovered that there was a loophole in Google Photos that allowed iPhone users to upload unlimited original quality images to the website for free. It was quite the revelation, but it seems that Google has since caught on to it and it looks like they are calling this a “bug” and plan on fixing it.

In a statement made to Android Police, a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying, “We are aware of this bug and are working to fix it.” This is a bit of a pity, but if you have been taking advantage of this loophole, you might want to start preparing yourself to have your photos downgraded, or pay for the unlimited storage.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Google Photos and its tiers, Google offers users a free unlimited storage tier. However, this tier will limit your photos to a certain resolution/file size, so while it might be OK for smartphone photos, it would be less ideal for professional photographers who are looking for a storage service to backup their original RAW files.

However, Google Photos also has an original storage tier where users can store photos in their original quality. This is a paid tier where if you run out of space, you will need to pay for more. Previously, Google Pixel phones actually came with a free subscription to that tier, but it seems that Google has decided to stop offering that with the Pixel 4.

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