As we’re starting to see more of our privacy get eroded through online tracking tools and data collection and data breaches, we’re sure that many of us are more than eager to protect whatever little privacy we have left. If privacy is a huge concern of yours when browsing the web, then Opera’s latest browser update might be worth checking out.

In Opera 64, the company has made some pretty significant changes to its browser and how it handles tracking. This comes in the form of a new tracker blocker which when combined with the browser’s built-in ad blocker, will not only keep your information private, but could also help speed up your browsing due to the fact that less data is being collected on you.

Of course, exactly how much faster your browsing experience will be will depend on the website and your internet, so your mileage may vary, but it should still result in faster browsing overall. Users will also be able to disable them for individual websites if they prefer and if they know that they can trust it.

While Opera has been around for a while, in recent years, the company has been making a name for themselves for attempting to tackle privacy-related issues. This includes launching free VPN apps and also a built-in VPN in the browser itself.

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