opera vpnThere are many reasons to use a VPN. Maybe you just enjoy your privacy, or maybe you’re trying to access video streams from service providers that aren’t available in your region yet, or maybe you’re just trying to get better ping for your gaming sessions. Either way there are plenty of VPNs that you can choose from right now.

However if you’re unfamiliar with VPNs or you’d rather not pay, the developers behind the Opera browser have some good news for you. In the latest developer version of Opera, it seems that the developers have decided to bake a VPN right into the browser itself, meaning that all you have to do is enable it and you’d be good to go.

The best part is that Opera’s VPN will be completely free to use. There will be no subscriptions needed and you can use it as much as you’d like. It is also pretty straightforward to use. According to Opera, “To activate it, Mac users just need to click the Opera menu, select “Preferences” and toggle the feature VPN on, while Windows and Linux users need to go to the “Privacy and Security” section in “Settings” and enable VPN there.”

Now from what we can tell, this VPN is only active when you’re browsing the web. This means that it won’t work if you are doing something else, like using Netflix’s desktop app, or playing a videogame, but if you are just after VPNs for browsing then this should get the job done.

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