When Blizzard debuted Overwatch, they made a huge showing of it with a very impressive cinematic trailer, where it attempted to provide some backstory on the world of Overwatch and its characters. Over time, as more characters were added to the game, Blizzard also attempted to give each of them a backstory through animated shorts and comics.

However, the problem with Overwatch is that the story could never be truly fleshed out due to the fact that it is a competitive multiplayer game, but that is something Blizzard could be hoping to fix. In a report from ESPN, they claim to have obtained training documents that suggests that with Overwatch 2, Blizzard will be placing a greater emphasis on the story.

This means that players can look forward to a potential PvE experience, where more of the story of the game can be felt and explored. In addition to PvE, it does not mean that Blizzard will be neglecting the multiplayer aspect, which is pretty much the core. The report claims that there could be a new multiplayer mode called Push.

It is unclear what that mode will be like so we’ll just have to wait until this coming weekend for the details, where Blizzard has been rumored to announce the game at BlizzCon 2019.

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