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Toyota was recently looking into the idea of a solar-powered car that never stops. Now, it looks like Toyota is looking for more alternative sources of power for its cars by focusing on its Hydrogen-powered cars.

It unveiled a new version for the Toyota Mirai – which takes the help of hydrogen-powered fuel cells to run.

If you are curious, compressed hydrogen gas is combined with the oxygen from the atmosphere in the fuel cell to produce electricity (which is stored in the battery and you will have ‘water’ as the byproduct resulting in no harmful emissions).

While others continue to invest in electric cars, Toyota wants to improve the hydrogen-powered cars as a great alternative to some EVs (Electric Vehicles) to reduce carbon emissions.

With the revamp of its old model, Toyota claims that the new version will offer significantly greater range, improved driving performance, and polished design.

The new fuel cell stack can store more hydrogen as it claims. So, you should easily expect a longer range. There is no official word about the time consumed to get the car charged (which is very important). If there is an update on that, we shall make sure to update it here.

Right now, we are not certain about Toyota’s plans on electric vehicles (like its competitor Tesla). Maybe, they want to push their hydrogen-powered cars instead of electric cars?

We will have to wait for future announcements to get clarity on the situation.

What are your thoughts on the hydrogen-powered cars by Toyota? Would you consider them instead of Tesla?

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