We all get frustrated when we play games, where sometimes things just don’t work out the way we intend. Frustration can manifest in many forms, with some people choosing to swear, some people choosing to “rage quit”, while others might choose more destructive forms of venting their frustrations, like in the case of Twitch streamer Dellor.

Unfortunately for Dellor, his latest attempts at venting his frustration has led to Twitch banning him indefinitely. If you don’t follow Dellor, basically what happened was that during a Twitch stream, he broke a keyboard against his own face. The ban was apparently due to “Self-Harm”, where moderators claim that Dellor has since been taken to the hospital after falling into a severe depressive state.

Dellor was streaming an Apex Legends match on the platform when he was eliminated. Following his elimination, he expressed his anger by smashing the keyboard against his own face before breaking it on top of his head. According to Dellor, he claims to have broken hundreds of keyboards in the past before, stating that he chooses to buy cheap and fragile keyboards due to them being easier to break.

He later posted an image of his face showing no visible signs of damage, and later stated that he would be appealing the ban. Dellor’s family has since been reportedly notified of his depression and possibility of further self-harm and will be assisting him in seeking further help.

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