Did you know that over in France, it is considered to be illegal to send emails to employees after working hours and on the weekend? The idea behind this is that it is meant to help promote a work-life balance, where it will give people a break from work and concentrate on their family, friends, and hobbies, without having to feel obligated to respond to emails from your boss or colleagues.


Unfortunately for 44-year old former Singaporean actress, Sharon Au, who has retired from show business and is working in Paris, France for the past year, it seems that she might not have gotten the memo. During a recent interview with Singapore Chinese radio station, 96.3 FM, Au shared some of her experiences of working in Paris.

One of those experiences involved her being reported to her company’s HR department twice for sending emails to her colleagues after official working hours. The first time saw HR gently remind Au about communication outside of official working hours, and while you might think that the second time would be harsher, it was actually the opposite.

According to Au, the second time HR actually encouraged her to find some hobbies outside of work, such as yoga. They even provided her with movie tickets so that she would have a life outside of work.

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