Unlike traditional manufacturing, 3D printing allows people to create all kinds of objects and shapes that might not be possible through traditional methods. To that end, we’ve seen how 3D printing can be used for medical purposes, like 3D printing living tissues or custom casts. We’ve also seen it being used to produce vehicles, like a motorcycle.

So much that it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that in the future, our transportation vehicles could be 3D printed because thanks to the work by researchers at the University of Maine, they have managed to 3D print an entire boat. This has resulted in the team sweeping up three world records at once.

Now, if you thought that printing an entire boat was impressive, according to the team at the university, it seems that the boat isn’t even the biggest object that their printer can print. Apparently, if pushed to its limits, it could print objects as large as up to 100 feet long, 22 feet wide, and 10 feet high.

Like we said, 3D printing is amazing because a boat that would have otherwise taken weeks or months to put together, was built in 3 days. We’ve seen this kind of application and use before, where back in 2018, the US Marines managed to 3D print concrete barracks in 40 hours.

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