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Several years ago when Apple first introduced their new MacBook laptop, they also introduced a new keyboard design which used butterfly switches. The idea was that this would create a thinner keyboard profile which in turn would allow Apple to slim down its laptop even further, a mantra the company had been pursuing for a while now.

Unfortunately, despite several iterations and many attempts to improve and fix it, the keyboard just kept giving its users trouble. However, with the launch of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has finally brought back the scissor switch mechanism. Now thanks to the folks at iFixit, they have torn down the new laptop and given us a closer look at the new Magic Keyboard that Apple has included in the laptop.

Based on their findings, it seems that the new Magic Keyboard on the MacBook Pro shares many similar design traits as the desktop version of the Magic Keyboard and also the previous keyboards that Apple included in its laptops prior to the butterfly switch. They note that due to its design, it is more robust and also has more space to tolerate any form of debris that might get caught under it.

This was an issue with the previous butterfly switches which was rendered useless whenever debris got stuck. Of course, whether or not this new keyboard will be more durable remains to be seen, but given that Apple does not offer an extended warranty for this keyboard, it has been suggested that they are pretty confident about it.

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