According to a recent report, it was revealed that Apple’s use of the new butterfly mechanism on its 2016 MacBook Pro keyboards are failing at twice the rate compared to the previous design. A petition was even launched asking that Apple recall its 2016 MacBook Pro laptops over the keyboard.

Now it looks like the keyboard debacle has been taken one step further because according to AppleInsider, a class action lawsuit has been filed in which it claims that Apple knew about the defects in their keyboards but still chose to ship them out anyway. They also cite how these keyboards failing on them have resulted in trips to an Apple Store to get it fixed, and in the case of laptops out of warranty, costing them hundreds of dollars in the process.

The lawsuit also cites a plaintiff by the name of Zixuan Rao who bought a 15-inch MacBook Pro, only to have problems with the “B” key a month later. Another plaintiff by the name of Kyle Barbaro had his keyboard repaired, only have have it fail a second time a few weeks later. However as by that time, his laptop was already out of warranty and he was told that a repair would cost him a whopping $700 for an unresponsive space bar and caps lock key.

Apple has yet to officially respond to the lawsuit and they have also to acknowledge what could be the reason behind the flaw. However hopefully the escalation will see Apple pay more attention to the keyboard design and fix it in future models. In the meantime you can check out the lawsuit in full on Scribd.

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