When it comes to gaming, depending on how seriously you take it, there are some gamers who prefer using gaming controllers even when playing on their smartphones. It makes sense because there are some games that just benefit from being played using physical controllers, such as racing or fighting games, where the nuances from a physical controller is heaps better than virtual controls.


However, it isn’t always practical to bring a game controller wherever you go unless you have a bag with you, but the good news is that 8BitDo is hoping to solve that problem with its Zero 2 Bluetooth Gamepad. As you can see from the photo, this is a game controller that is small enough to fit onto a keychain, meaning that you can easily stuff this inside your pocket and you’re good to go.

The fact that it is Bluetooth means that we imagine pairing it with your smartphone or tablet should be a cinch. It will also play nice with computers like PCs and Macs, so you can even game while you’re on the go. It also seems that it will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch so if you need a third controller, this will work in a pinch.

The Zero 2 Bluetooth Gamepad is currently available for pre-order on Amazon where it is priced at $20. Note that on its website it lists support for the PC, Switch macOS, and Android, so we’re not sure if there is support for iOS devices.

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