Now that we have a few details on the 2020 iPhone, what do we look for next?

The information is quite limited to a number of hardware specifications (like the new chipset on iPhone 12) and the design for 2020’s iPhone.

And, now, it looks like Apple is reportedly predicting more than 100 million units for its iPhone 12 sale in 2020.

The information was originally reported by Digitimes. The report claims that Apple has given the shipment forecast numbers to its supply chain partners to get ready for the iPhone 12 next year – which is about 100 million units.

Apple thinks that 5G could be the major factor for the increase in sales and demand overall.

If we think about that, it could be a good forecast. Even though you do not see a lot of options for 5G on the Android ecosystem, it can be a big deal for the 2020 iPhone.

In addition to the 5G variant, a new design and the upgraded specifications should be able to help break the 80 million unit sales figure of 2019 quite comfortably.

Also, this would highly depend on the pricing of the new iPhone. So, you can expect them to price it very similar to what 2019 witnessed. But, we cannot be very sure in that case.

What do you think about the early sales forecast by Apple?

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