Apple’s A-series of chipsets are pretty powerful. Based on the benchmarks we’ve seen, Apple has made huge strides to the point where some of their newer chipsets are almost comparable to those of the company’s MacBook laptops, essentially suggesting that Apple has managed to bring near-desktop like performance to their mobile phones and tablets.

The company usually upgrades its chipsets every year, but it seems that next year we could see Apple make some even more significant upgrades than before. Based on a new report, it seems that Apple’s 2020 chipsets that will find its way into the iPhone 12 are expected to continue to be built using the 7nm process, but the difference is that Apple will be employing the use of ultraviolet lithography.

For those who are unfamiliar with the process, basically it means that Apple will be able to cram more transistors into the same space. This means that for a processor that is the same size as its predecessors, it will be able to potentially offer up greater performance and be more efficient, which hopefully translates into better overall battery life.

Needless to say that this should be taken with a grain of salt for now, especially since we’re still far off from learning what Apple has planned for 2020. That being said, in addition to offering up an improved chipset, other rumors are suggesting that we can look forward to 5G and potentially a 120Hz display.

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