Plants are incredibly useful because not only do they help create a soothing effect and looking pleasing to the eye, but because they are also incredibly functional, where plants have the ability to take carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into oxygen, something that the majority of living beings need in order to survive.


However, the problem is that due to rapid development, we are cutting down plants and trees faster than we can regrow them, but it looks like scientists might have a solution. Thanks to the work of researchers at the University of Waterloo, they have managed to create an artificial leaf that can mimic the abilities of an actual leaf, where it can absorb carbon dioxide and turn it not just into oxygen, but liquid fuel.

Speaking to the Independent, lead researcher Yimin Wu was quoted as saying, “This technology has achieved the solar to fuel efficiency about 10 per cent. This is already larger than the natural photosynthesis (about one per cent). The next step is to partner with industry companies to scale it up with a system engineering of flow cell for the production of liquid fuels. More efficient artificial leaves can be developed along the lines with industry partners.”

That being said, as with most breakthrough discoveries and inventions, it will probably be a while before it will be put to practical use, but for now, it shows a lot of promise.

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