With there being so many streaming services available in the market today, you might think that customers who be apprehensive when it comes to signing up for yet another streaming service. Now, Disney is kind of late to the game, but it seems that despite them being late, they are racking up customers at breakneck speeds.

According to Disney, they are claiming that they have managed to get more than 10 million sign-ups for Disney Plus since the service went live, which was launched about a day ago. Now, before we start declaring Disney Plus the king of streaming, we should note that the service does have a seven-day free trial period.

This means that it costs customers nothing to sign-up for the service where they are free to cancel whenever they want. The more important question is how many customers will actually be sticking around once the free trial ends. However, Disney Plus does have an advantage over the competition, like Netflix, where it is priced at $6.99 a month, making it slightly cheaper than other streaming services in the market today.

Whether or not Disney can convince customers to stick around remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like Disney Plus is off to a great start.

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