Password sharing is when users of a service share a single account. This is usually frowned upon and is typically not allowed under the terms of service agreement, but people do it anyway because it saves them from having multiple subscriptions. We’ve seen some companies attempt to clamp down on this behavior, but Disney seems to be OK with it, for now.

Speaking to The Verge, Disney’s president of Streaming Services, Michael Paull, said that for now, password sharing is something that the company is OK with. This isn’t Disney condoning password sharing with Disney Plus, but rather it is something that the company acknowledges exists and that people will do it anyway.

According to Paull, “We believe that consumers will see that value, and they’re going to act accordingly. They’re going to use those accounts for their family, for their household. That being said, we do recognize password sharing exists and will continue to exist.” However, he notes that Disney does have mechanisms in place that could clamp down on this should it get out of hand.

Paull adds, “We have created some technology that’s in the backend that we will use to understand behavior. And when we see behavior that doesn’t make sense, we have mechanisms that we’ve put in place that will deal with it.”

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