iOS 13 dark modeAs our smartphones play home to many different types of apps that we use quite often throughout the day, it need to be smart about the way it handles multitasking. There needs to be a balance struck between keeping those apps in the memory so that users can quickly return to it when they need to, while at the same time ensuring they don’t drain battery in the background, or at least not by too much.

That being said, it seems that the latter is something that Apple is doing, at least with the iOS 13.2 release, in which according to multiple user reports, it seems that the latest iOS update is being a bit too aggressive in killing background apps in an attempt to save on battery. Users are claiming that whenever they switch apps for a minute and switch back again, it has to be restarted from scratch.

For example, one user complained that when they switched away from YouTube to reply to a message and switched back, the app had already reloaded and they lost the video that they were watching a moment ago. This also seems to be an issue affecting Safari where tabs can’t seem to be kept open in the background, forcing it to reload whenever they switch back to it.

It is unclear when Apple plans on fixing this issue as it can be incredibly annoying having to wait for an app to reload, especially if it means ruining the progress that you’ve made on it.

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