logitech adaptive

Xbox Adaptive Controller was definitely a big deal for products that come under the accessibility category. However, it wasn’t a complete experience – nor it was meant to be.

As a gamer, it is overwhelming to have lots of game-centric accessories to choose from and expand the functionality of the current equipment.

However, for the accessibility products, this was not the case. You would have to end up using the Xbox Adaptive controller alone – you did not have anything else to add to it, until now.

Logitech’s adaptive gaming kit is an interesting move to empower disabled gamers using an Xbox adaptive controller to have more functionalities for just $99.

The gaming kit includes different sizes of buttons and triggers which allows a special gamer to tweak it to their comfort and have more fun. An addition like this makes it a pleasant experience for such gamers.

Also, it is not just about having more functionality – but if a special gamer can do more easily, they will be having more fun doing it as well. And, this will help them act as therapy.

Of course, it is not a surprise that when you are happy, it solves a lot of mental health problems. So, Logitech’s move is one step forward to make games accessible to disabled gamers. What do you think about the Adaptive Gaming Kit?

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