When it comes to pickup trucks, it’s hard to beat Ford’s F-150 which is one of the best-selling vehicles in the US for the past few decades. However, Tesla decided to take Ford on at their own game by announcing the Cybertruck, a futuristic all-electric pickup truck. Only time will tell how well the Cybertruck will do, but in the meantime, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk decided to show off what their truck could do.

In a video shared on Twitter, it shows how the Cybertruck is going up against the Ford F-150 in an uphill tug-of-war, where both trucks are essentially tugging away from each other to see who will win. Based on the video, it looks like the Cybertruck managed to beat the F-150, but many have pointed out that this might not be a fair fight.

For starters, the F-150 in the video is said to be the rear-wheel drive version and as such, its position does put it at a bit of a disadvantage. Also, some have mentioned that the version in the video is a lower-spec model of the truck, so it might not be a 100% fair comparison again the Cybertruck.

Some are also claiming that the Cybertruck got a head start on the F-150. That being said, in light of this, Ford’s VP Sunny Madra has since called out Musk on this, asking Tesla’s CEO to send over a Cybertruck for their own comparison. Musk has since responded that he’s game, but whether or not we’ll be seeing that video remains to be seen.

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