In recent years, we’ve been hearing a lot about data breaches from hotels, retailers, carriers, and so on. As such, there is a lot of our personal information floating out there that we might not know about. It is also possible that with some of these breaches, there is a chance that usernames and passwords could have been compromised.


Now, there are ways to check if you have been breached, but if you’re unaware of these breaches, Google is here to help. In the latest version of Chrome, the browser can now warn users if their passwords have been stolen as part of a data breach. This will see Google match your current passwords against a database of known stolen passwords.

For those who are worried that this could result in another breach or leak, Google claims that they will be using hashed and encrypted copies of passwords and will match them using multiple layers of encryption, thus ensuring their integrity. Prior to this, Google already helped users check their passwords using extensions and other tools.

However, this required that users know about these extensions and tools, but now that it has been baked into Chrome itself, users who did not know about these things can now keep themselves secure.

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